The biggest mountain is under the sea, in a hidden place that thousands of years ago it touched the sky.

I am like an archeologist who goes into the deep of a human memory. Scratching in the surface of my paintings and clay in a ferocious dance against the anthropophagite time.

My work is like the surface I treaded, as this world full of cavities and hollow as the human soul. In the creative process I de-constructing the present of the work itself tearing and overlaying strata until it emerges a portion of matter as an ancient ruin as a mirror of collective visual memory.

The nature and man as elements in constant interaction. The spent of a inexorable time through the archetypes and symbols that leaves humanity. The landscapes and architectures that are generated on a canvas and a piece of pottery, inscriptions and spots on the work process to generate a new uncharted territories.

César Calafate